Supercharge Your Scalable Outreach

Imagine running LinkedIn outreach at scale being as potent as cold emailing on steroids, but without the worry of landing in the spam folder.

We make this a reality by providing you with both cutting-edge software and verified LinkedIn accounts, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional cold email campaigns.

Sounds too good to be true? what do you think about those results.
5$ one account

Cost-effective Outreach Software

Achieve more with less; our pricing is designed for scale. Say goodbye to exorbitant costs of traditional cold emailing.

Verified LinkedIn Accounts

Start with verified LinkedIn accounts, eliminating the need for tedious verification processes. Focus on outreach, not obstacles.

Insightful Analytics

Track, measure, and optimize your campaigns with real-time analytics. Discover actionable insights to continuously improve your outreach efforts.

Automated Sequences

Create dynamic multi-step outreach sequences with ease. From initial contact to follow-ups, automate and personalize your engagement.

Export leads to your CRM

For Teams and Freelancers

Our architecture supports big sales teams with a huge amount of accounts.

Full native integration of Hubspot allows import leads directly from CRM, and after contacting them, export to CRM back with tags.

With Sequi you boost your Growth department and put sales on the conveyor.


Need some more information to get started?

How do I get started with Sequi?

To get started, schedule a call with us. Post-call, we'll guide you through the sign-up process and set up your account.

What makes verified LinkedIn accounts special?

Verified accounts expedite your outreach process, eliminating the need for individual account verification.

How is this more affordable compared to cold email outreach?

Our bundled offering of software and verified accounts reduces costs significantly compared to traditional cold emailing.

How can I measure my outreach success?

Utilize our in-depth analytics to track and measure your campaign's performance.

Is there a limit on the number of LinkedIn accounts I can manage?

No, you can manage multiple LinkedIn accounts to maximize your outreach efforts.

How many Linkedin accounts can I use?

You can use unlimited count of Linkedin accounts.

How do I create automated outreach sequences?

Our user-friendly interface allows you to set up multi-step outreach sequences effortlessly.